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Saturday Night TSD Series #4 | CANCELLED

August 12 @ 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm

2017 Saturday Night Series


(Due to Wild Fire Conditions)

Presented by Interior Rally Sport Association

Supplementary Regulations

Officials of the Event:
Rallymaster: Tiffany MacDonald
Route Master: Steve and Andrea Gunner
Series Coordinator: Tiffany MacDonald
Registrar: Tiffany MacDonald
Email: info@rallyinterior.ca

The Saturday night series is designed to bring TSD Rally to the Thompson Okanagan area. The TSD Navigational rallies will be organized with straight forward instructions on both paved and smooth gravel roads. There will be 5 Saturday events from April through August.

The rally follows the current BC TSD Rally Regulations, which are posted on http://www.rallybc.com. The rally runs on straight-forward instructions with route instructions provided. The rally will be approximately 168 km, 69% pavement 31% smooth gravel. There are no planned food or fuel stops.
TSD rally means teams are scored ability to match, as closely as possible, the given route, schedule, and speed. Regularity stages will have various average speeds for competitors to match and hidden checkpoints along the route will record specific times that the teams pass by. Penalty points will be assessed for every second early or late. Teams will be given generous time allowance on transit stages to get to the start of the next regularity.

Required Equipment:
Vehicle must be street legal, all loose items in the vehicle must be removed (including from the trunk)
Tires must be in good condition, with no cord or belts showing or cracks in the tread or sidewalls.
Drivers must display current insurance and registration for their vehicle.
Seat belts must be in good condition.
A fire extinguisher minimum 5 BC
A safety triangle and a first aid kit.
Any vehicle deemed otherwise unsafe or unsuitable for this event may not be allowed to compete. This is at the discretion of the organizer(s).
Any additional lights on the front should meet legal requirements as to type and mounting height, and must be wired to the high beam lights such that the additional lights turn off when switching to low beam. Fog lights may be wired independently.
The link below is the Tech form used to check over the cars.

*Fire Extinguisher, First Aid kits and Triangle kits will be available for rental if needed. Please
contact Tiffany MacDonald vp@rallyinterior.com to reserve your rental kit.

Recommended Equipment:
Clipboard, reading light and a clock or watch that is illuminated and capable of being set to the second.

Timing and Scoring:
The rallies are divided into transit and regularity sections. Transit sections give a section time that is adequate for completing the section well within speed limits. Your time will not be recorded in these sections. Regularity sections list specific average speeds, which are at least 10% below the posted speed limits, which you must maintain in each part of the section. Your timing in these sections determines your score.
Timing controls will be in regularity sections only, at various unannounced locations, and will not be placed near stop signs or busy intersections. Cars may not slow down excessively within sight of a timing control. At the control official’s discretion the time may be recorded early when that happens.
Procedure when approaching a control is simply to drive straight past without stopping. The control official will record your time.
Timing will be to the second, with a one second grace period either side of perfect time, to allow for inaccuracies in checkpoint position and timing accuracy.
The maximum penalty at a single control is 300 points (5 minutes) and the maximum penalty for a regularity is 600 points (10 minutes). Control officials will remain in place at least until all remaining cars are beyond 10 minutes later than absolute rally time. Ties will not be broken.

Exception to scoring:
A competitor coming to an accident is required to stop and render assistance if needed. Time allowance forms will be provided so competitors can carry on without penalty. At-fault time allowance will carry a 20 second penalty. No-fault time allowances will be penalty free. This will be covered in detail at the drivers meeting. Time allowances are to the end of the regularity with the competitors expected to catch up time in the next transit. Max time allowance is ten minutes as controls close ten minutes after the last car is due.

Awards and Classes:
Prizes will be handed out at the end of the rally.
There will be 2 classes
Novice: Neither team member having entered more than 3 TSD rallies including the Rally School. Route Book Calculations will be emailed the Tuesday before the event.
Experienced: One or Both team member having entered more than 2 TSD rallies prior to the start of the current year. Route Book Calculations will be emailed the Friday before the event.
Both Class is restricted to the following:
1 accessory odometer which includes GPS and non-programmable calculating devices that are not driven by a wheel. TSD rally apps are not allowed.

The Series Championship:
The series championship requires each competitor to work on one rally and points are accumulated on the other four.

Fees and Costs:
PER CAR All 5 Events/Single Events
Both entrants are Member of any BC Rally Club $175/$50
One entrant is Member of any BC Rally Club $195/$55
Neither entrants are Member of any BC Rally Club $215/$60

Entry fees can be e-transferred to treasurer@rallyinterior.ca.
Entries are limited to 15 teams and entry forms will be accepted up to the start of registration if the maximum has not been reached. Entry is not complete until entry fee has been paid. Entry forms are available on www.rallyinterior.ca. Minimum of 5 paid entries are required by August 5th for the rally to proceed. Please contact info@rallyinterior.ca if you are looking for a partner for any event.

Start location: The Falkland Pub, 5747 Hwy 97, Falkland, BC V0E 1W0
Registration open at 5:30
Drivers meeting at 6:00
Rally will start at 6:30 and finishes at 10:30pm.
Ending location: The Falkland Pub, 5747 Hwy 97, Falkland, BC V0E 1W0
Scoring is completed shortly after the finish.
Please refer to www.rallyinterior.ca for more information.

Downloadable copy of Supps available here


August 12
6:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Event Categories:


Tiffany MacDonald


The Falkland Pub
5747 Hwy 97
Falkland, British Columbia V0E 1W0 Canada
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