What is a TSD Rally?

A regularity rally, also called time-speed-distance or TSD rally, is a type of motorsport rally with the object of driving each segment of a Course in a specified time at a specified average speed. The rally is usually conducted on public roads, but sometimes includes off-road and track sections. Contestants usually compete in teams composed of an amateur driver and navigator. Teams usually start a regularity rally at fixed intervals, creating a field that is spread along the course.

Prior to the event, you will get the instructions. It counts for all the information about the distances, time and average speed that must be followed throughout the race. It is through these sheets that the navigator will direct, as well as pace, the driver.  You responsible for working out what your particular car time will be based on the pace set in advance of the event.

    • Regularity: are the passages in which the contestants must maintain a predetermined average speed, expressed in km/h. Averages are compatible with the type of road traversed. The average speed will always be below the posted speed limit for that road, usually about 10% less, so if the speed limit is 60km/h, then the average would be 54km/h.
    • Transits: are stages used between towns and displacements on main roads, which because of their characteristics, do not allow competitors to maintain a high average speed. In these parts a maximum time is specified to fulfill the stage, so competitors can complete them safely.

What equipment will I need?

Novice TSD Rallies can be run using any street legal car and a watch that can be set to the master rally clock, but many regularity rallyists use various devices in an attempt to reduce their total penalties. The rules of each rally determine which devices are permitted. Some common aids include:

      • Odometer: Odometers can range from the odometer included on the dashboard of most cars to specially manufactured rally odometers.
      • Speedometer: As with odometers, speedometers used by rallyists range from those built into the vehicle to specially manufactured rally speedometers.
      • Stopwatch: Accurate time is essential in regularity rallying. We recommend using an app called CentWatch, available for iPhone/iPod/iPad devices.
      • GPS: GPS units provide speed, distance and navigational data, but there is some debate as to their usefulness in regularity rallying.
      • Computer: Computers ranging from custom-made units to laptops can be used in some regularity rallies.