2018 Rally School

Wanting to learn what how to compete in a Time/Speed/Distance Rally?  Click Here to Sign up for our spring rally school!

Taught by Jim Bowie, 2 time BC Champion who has been rallying since 1968, you’ll learn all the basics of how a TSD rally works and get to practice it on some fun, easy runs over the course of 3 Saturday nights.

The School will run February 17th, March 3rd and March 17th at Jim’s house in Armstrong. There will be approximately 1 hour of class room time and 2 hours of driving.  Any road legal car or truck is suitable. There is a $30 fee per person which covers all three nights. Class size is Limited to 30 people or 15 teams

We recommend bringing some paper to make notes on, a clipboard, a couple colored pens/markers, a GPS unit, a small flashlight/penlight and most importantly, a watch that can be easily set to match the master rally clock.  With the exception of the watch, everything else is not required to have, it just helps.

If you have an iPod/iPhone/iPad, you can download an app called CentWatch from the app store.  This is what we use for the master rally clock and is easily adjusted.

Feel free to e-mail us with any questions you might have. If this sounds like something you’d like to try, use our entry form to sign up.