The Saturday night series is modeled after a similar Friday night series down south that has been around several decades. This is an annual series designed just for people in the Okanagan/Thompson area with limited experience in the sport. The rallies will be organized with straight forward instructions. There will be 5 events on the second Saturday of the month starting April 8th and running through August. See the events calendar for details on each event.

A TSD rally means that teams are scored on their ability to match, as closely as possible, the given route, schedule and speeds. Regularity stages will have various average speeds for competitors to match and hidden checkpoints along will record the specific times that teams pass by. Penalty points will be assessed for every second early or late. Teams will be given a generous time allowance on transit stages to get to the start of the next regularity.

The cost of these events is $25 per member, $30 per non-member, 2 people per car/entry.
A season pass is available at $87.50 per member, $107.50 per non-member, again, 2 people per car/entry.
We ask that entrants be willing to volunteer to work 1 event out of the 5 as a checkpoint crew to be eligible for the championship. The cost of the season pass reflects running 4 events.  Our events rely on volunteers to function and we would greatly appreciate your help.

If you are do not have a partner for this event, please e-mail series coordinator, Tiffany MacDonald, prior to entering and we will attempt to help find a partner for you.

Want to enter the series?

The supplementary regulations for the August event (supps) can be found here:  Supp Regs

The entry form for the July event can be found here: Entry Form