Snowy Owl TSD Rally School Confirmed!

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Want to practice TSD before Thunderbird Rally? Looks like we have enough interest to go ahead with our Winter TSD Rally School.

The Snowy Owl TSD Rally School will take place Saturday January 25th over the course of an Afternoon. There will be approximately 50% Classroom and 50% Driving. ¬†Any road legal car or truck is suitable. Note competitors will work in teams: 1 Driver and 1 Co-Driver/Navigator. If you don’t have a team-mate yet, let us know and we can match you up before you arrive. There is a $30 fee per person ($25 for CARS members). Class size is limited to 20 people or 10 teams. Supp Regs to be posted soon, but Course details can be found in last years Supps. Supp Regs are ready

Registration is now Open. Go here for details