Kettle Valley Rally 2019

June 22nd Lake Country, BC

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Want to Rally?

Kettle Valley TSD Rally is a summer driving adventure that takes you and a navigator on an exciting, one- of-a-kind, scenic drive through hidden back-country roads in and around the beautiful Okanagan BC region. It’s a great way to experience new thrills, meet new friends and learn what it’s like to participate in a real rally; all within a safe and friendly environment on a leisurely Saturday afternoon drive.

2018 Highlights

This is the 2nd annual KVR, after the inaugural event in 2018 that replaced the Heart of Darkness All-night TSD Rally. It will serve as Round 2 of the BC TSD Rally Championship sanctioned by the Canadian Association of Rallysport (CARS) and by Rally Pacific Motorsports (RPM) and therefore follows the current BC TSD Rally Regulations (rev. 2017), which are posted on, and the CARS General Competition Rules. Being very much a new Rally in BC, many of the routes offer new experiences for both novices & veterans alike. The rally runs on straight forward instructions and will be approx. 700km long, entirely within the province of BC. Roads will be about 25% pavement, 75% gravel. Instructions are provided in km, and the official measurements and calculations are based on the km figures.

Registration is open to anyone and all experience levels. No prior TSD rally experience needed and no special vehicles are required; Any street legal car or truck is acceptable. If you have a valid driver’s license, a navigator, some safety equipment (see below) and a road-worthy vehicle you’re comfortable driving on gravel roads, you can join in the fun.

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Start Order Posted after June 15th

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You Can Register On-Line with us for this event. Just Click the Link Below.

Registration Form

Act Fast because Entry is limited to 30 cars. We look forward to seeing you out there!

Fees And Payment


$120 for entries received before midnight June 15th, 2019. $140 for late entries. Members of BC rally clubs are eligible for a $10 discount each (i.e. $20 off if both are members).

Please send E-transfers to

Password: IRSA2019

If you wish to join IRSA, the form and fee can be included with your entry.

Maximum 30 entries accepted. Any entries received above the maximum will be notified by phone and held on a waiting list. If entering late, please confirm by email to

Final Start order posted, based on current paid entries. Any entries received after this time or without payment yet confirmed, will start at the end of the field.





Morning start Location:

Tim Hortons (Across from Woody’s Pub)

9950 Main St #300, Lake Country, BC V4V 2T9


Finish Location:

Woody’s Pub in Lake Country

9882 BC-97, Lake Country, BC, V4V 1V7


Saturday June 15th, 2019: Close of early entry Preliminary start order assigned. Those who pay after this date will be assigned at the back of the field.
Saturday June 22nd, 2019:
8:00 am Final Start order posted, based on current paid entries. Any entries received after this time or without payment yet confirmed, will start at the end of the field
8:00 – 10:00 am Registration & Technical Inspection

Location: Tim Hortons, 9950 Main St #300, Lake Country, BC V4V 2T9


10:00 am Drivers Meeting
10:30 am First Car out
9:00 pm First Car Finishes
*Scoring will be completed shortly after last car arrives


Awards and Classes

Awards and Classes

Trophies will be awarded, for overall position and according to the classes laid out for the BC region rally championship:

Paper:  No calculators, pre-printed rally tables or accessory odometers.

Calculator: Any distance-measuring device so long as it does not display average speed or calculate target times. Calculating devices are allowed, but must not be programmable, and must not interface with a distance or position input.

Unlimited: Unlimited equipment.

Novice: Neither team member having entered more than 3 Regional championship level TSD rallies prior to the start of the current year and equipment limited to Calculator class.

Historic:  Vehicles manufactured more than 25 years prior to Dec 31 of the year preceding the current competition season. Navigational equipment is unlimited.

Route Book Calculations will be emailed the Saturday morning of the event. Both Classes are restricted to the following:  accessory odometer which includes GPS and non-programmable calculating devices that are not driven by a wheel. TSD rally apps are not allowed.

Required Equipment

Required equipment: 1 self-supporting, reflective warning triangle (30cm per side), first aid kit (minimum contents defined by the BC rally regulations), 5BC fire extinguisher, open cars require a roll bar. Additional lights on the front should meet legal requirements as to type and mounting height; and must be wired to the high beam lights such that the additional lights turn off when switching to low beam. Fog lights may be wired independently.

Recommended equipment: map light, driving lights, warm clothing, and tow rope.

Some helpful hints: Make sure not to mount anything (e.g. rally odometers) in front of an air-bag cover. Maximum distance between gas stops is 250km. Drivers are asked always to drive with their headlights on and to be particularly courteous to traffic not connected with the rally. Do to the higher altitude of some of the roads good All-Season Mud and Snow Tires are highly recommended.


TSD Rules & Supplementary Regulations

Want to learn about TSD? Our friends at WRCA have a great tutorial.

Detailed information, rules and requirements are fully laid out in Supplementary Regulations

Download Full Supplementary Regs Here. 


Officials of the Event

Rally Master: Tiffany MacDonald

Registrar: Rob Behan


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