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IRSA 2023 at a glance

You might be wondering what’s in store for the upcoming season… No worries, we’ve got you.

Here is what is in the works for 2023.

The season will kick off with a work party in late spring / early summer. The plan is to expand the track even more, and to repair some potholes. Dates will be announced on Facebook.

Are you interested in TSD? Here is your chance! IRSA is looking to run two TSDs this spring / summer. That is, of course, if there is enough interest in these events. Details will be announced later.

Another ambitious plan is to run a practice / test day mid summer. Again, depends on the community interest.

And, finally, the main attraction of the season – part 3 of BCRXC. The dates are as follows:

IRSA 1 & 2 ( BCRXC 10 & 11 ) September 2/3

IRSA 3 ( BCRXC 12 ) October 14

IRSA 4 ( BCRXC 13 ) November 11

IRSA 5 ( BCRXC 14 ) December 16

Of course, IRSA always encourages volunteering at local CRC events. Discounts will be offered to anyone volunteering at the following rallies:


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