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IRSA Event Registration Schedule

So you want to run in part 3 of BCRXC hosted by IRSA? Or are you looking for a fun day with no points and no pressure? You can't wait to register, but don't know when?

Fear not, the wait is over!

We are going to open registration for IRSA season on the following schedule:

June 30 @ noon - September 2 & 3 registration.

July 7 @ noon - October 14 & 15 registration.

July 14 @ noon - November 11 & 12 registration.

July 21 @ noon - December 16 & 17 registration.

Registration links are available from event pages, or can be found here.

Don't forget to sign your seasonal waiver (that's right, one waiver for all IRSA RX events)


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