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Introducing Arrive & Drive

Do you have friends who want to try Rally X, but don't want to invest too much money into buying a car? We now have a way for you to get them hooked!

Do you remember that feeling of getting behind the wheel and driving through the course for the first time? Adrenaline rushing through your blood as you take control over the sliding turn? Well, now you can share that with your friends and family.

On Sunday November 12th or December 17th, you can let you loved ones experience the rush behind the wheel of your car.

Here is how this is going to work. The person has to have online waiver filled in ahead of time (no reception at the track). Then they will see the timing / registration when they arrive. There they will fill in registration form, show valid drivers license, pay the fee - and drive. Don't forget that a valid helmet is a must for everyone in the car on course.

First lap is recce. Thats where you tell them where to go and how to approach a turn. Or not.

Second lap is hot lap. We do advise they take it at 90% of speed though...

This will cost a total of 15$.

Under the agreement with Rally Pacific Motorsports the person can then take additional hot lap for an extra 10$.

Couple things to note.

Anyone can get their own car registered given we have tech inspector available to check the car. Only cars that passed tech are allowed on course.

In case 3 laps are not enough ;) the person can always upgrade to the full registration provided there is a car available. The cost paid will be applied towards full registration.


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