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Registration Opens Soon!

All IRSA events are in Motorsport.reg.

The following is the schedule for when you can register for the events:

Season pre-registration - July 22 - 28

In order to save time on the registration process, you can take advantage and pre-register for the entire season in one go.

Please note, that CCs will be charged for full amount before firs event.

If you need to cancel an event, a 10 CAD will be withheld to cover MSR charges.

First Doubleheader - August 2 - day before event

Event dates are August 31st and September 1st

Second Doubleheader - September 6 - day before event

Event dates are September 28 and 29

November and December events - October 11 - day before event

Event dates are November 9th and December 14th

For all events registration opens at noon.


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